Previous GAC Minutes
Government Affairs Committee
Of the Elko Area Chamber
December 12, 2016
Meeting was called to order by Gwen King at 12:05
I.)    City/Community
       a.) City of Elko- Scott Wilkinson reported on a few of the Elko City Council 12/13/16 meeting agenda items, including the following:
      -Review, consideration, and possible approval of an agreement between the City of Elko, and the Elko Police Officers. Protective Nevada Association of Public Safety Officer Communications Workers of America AFL/CIO Local 9110, July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017, and matters related thereto.
      -Review, consideration, and possible approval to enter into a Professional Services Agreement with YESCO for the design of the Centennial Tower, and matters related thereto. Fundraising for the Centennial Tower has been successful to date and the committee is on target to having the tower funded in time for the spring construction season. Staff is requesting authorization to have the design plans for the tower completed.
       b.) City of Carlin- No report
       c.) Spring Creek Association- Jesse Bahr reported on a few of the following key items:
-Roads are a big issue in the association and a lot of money is allocated towards it.
-The Fairway community center is due to open in January.
-Municipality Study will come out in early 2017.
-Water Meter reading issues, an investigation will be opening soon.
II.)   County
     a.)Elko County School District- No Report
     b.)Elko County-No report
III.)   Great Basin College- George Kleeb
 - Consulting firm has been hired to find a new chancellor.
 - Reported that GBC is now #1 in the nation for online affordable education!
IV.)   Northeastern NV Regional Hospital- Steve Burrows reported on the new doctors that have joined the staff, and they are currently recruiting for an       additional cardiologist
V.) NNRDA- No report
VI.) Elko Area Chamber- Melissa McJunkin reported that Casino Night and the Installation variety show will be coming up soon.
VII.) Public Comment Period
VIII.) Adjourned at 12:46
Members in Attendance:
Gwen King                                                                               Melissa McJunkin                                                    George Kleeb
Gary Klug                                                                                 Steve Burrows                                                         Cathy McAdoo
Jessie Bahr                                                                               Scott Wilkinson
Respectfully submitted by: Melissa McJunkin

​Government Affairs Committee
Of the Elko Area Chamber
November 7, 2016
Meeting was called to order by Gwen King at 12:05
I.    City/Community
       a.) City of Elko- No report
       b.) City of Carlin- Dana Holbrook reported that Scotts, the only grocery store in Carlin, had closed down. Many people are worried about those who do not have transportation to travel to Elko to do their grocery shopping. Carlin is looking for a replacement, and they are hopeful that one will come soon.
c.) Spring Creek Association- A report was sent via email from Jesse Bahr with information including that the Community Center is nearing completion with paving completed and that the Horse Palace study will be presented at their next meeting.
II.    County
a.)Elko County School District-Jeff Zander
- The new school in Wendover is almost completed and is absolutely beautiful.
- Incentive Grant applications will be due soon with the first on December 1st and the second on February 1st, 2017.
- They have been looking at demographic studies as well as positive migration (growth) to figure out the new school’s location.
-Spring Creek has been looking at the K – 6 model and Elko has been looking at the K – 5 model and what would it take in both circumstances.
b.)Elko County-No report
III.) Great Basin College- George Kleeb
 - Chancellor’s meeting in Berg Hall will be coming up. They are looking for a new replacement, as the current president is resigning.
- Reported that GBC is #2 in the nation for online affordable education.
       IV.) Northeastern NV Regional Hospital- No report
        V.) NNRDA- No report
       VI.) Elko Area Chamber-Billie Crapo
- Board Elections are complete and will be announced soon, with board retreats and planning to follow.
- BBH is on Nov. 10th at Oak Tree Inn at 8am and BAH is on Nov. 17th at RAM Enterprises from 5:30 – 7pm, and all are invited.
- The Chamber and NNRDA will be doing a “Centennial Boot” together.
    VII.) Public Comment Period
- Amber Fox with Nevada State Bank reported that they are moving their bank’s corporate offices out to the Mountain City Hwy. branch.
    VIII.) Adjourned at 12:30
Members in Attendance:
Gwen King                                                                               Melissa McJunkin                                                    George Kleeb
Billie Crapo                                                                              Jeff Zander                                                                Amber Fox
                                                                                                                                                                                      Dana Holbrook
Respectfully submitted by: Melissa McJunkin

​Government Affairs Committee
Of the Elko Area Chamber
October 10, 2016
Meeting was called to order by Gwen King at 12:05
I.    City/Community
       a.) City of Elko- No report
       b.) City of Carlin- No report
       c.) Spring Creek Association- No report
II.    County
a.) Elko County School District-Jeff Zander
- Next district meeting will be in West Wendover.
- Elko County High Schools will be getting two new trip busses and ten route busses each.
-  The seat for District 2 only had 1 app and she will be introduced.
- Spring Creek Elementary Site Evaluation Report has been completed. Four new sites have been chosen as possibilities. They are: an area off Parkchester, area near the SC Sports Facility, area near the Horse Palace, and lastly some private land off of Lamoille Hwy.
b.) Elko County-No report
III.) Great Basin College- No report
       IV.) Northeastern NV Regional Hospital- No report
        V.) NNRDA- Pam Borda
- The NNRDA were the recipients of an award for their marketing video at last month’s Economic Development Conference.
- Had a jammed packed weekend, at the Las Vegas Mine Expo, with 16 meetings in two days. Very happy with the five new serious leads from the expo.
       VI.) Elko Area Chamber-Billie Crapo
- BBH is on Oct. 13th and will be hosted by Cool Beans located at 673 Cimarron Way in Elko
- BAH is on Oct. 20th and will be at Rehab Services of Elko located at 2207 N. 5th Street in Elko
- Lunch & Learn on 10/27
- GAC’s 2016 Elko Candidate Forums will be on 10/18
    VII.) Public Comment Period
    VIII.) Adjourned at 1:00
Members in Attendance:
Gwen King                                                                               Pam Borda                                                                Hannah Morrison
Billie Crapo                                                                              Jeff Zander
Melissa McJunkin                                                                  Cathy McAdoo                                                         
Respectfully submitted by: Melissa McJunkin

​Government Affairs Committee
Of the Elko Area Chamber
September 12, 2016
Meeting was called to order by Gwen King at 12:05
I.    City/Community
a.)City of Elko-Curtis Calder
City Council Meeting agenda items:
- MIA recognition day
- Brian Burgess is retiring and will receive a plaque.
- Wes Henderson director of League of Cities; league happenings and legislative update
- Radio upgrade within the Police Dept.
- Badge pinning for new firefighter.
- Annual evaluation for Curtis Calder
- Summertime projects finishing up
- Airport snow removal has had final acceptance as well as micro slurry project
- Pool boiler project for the Elko City pool had bids come in, they were all a bit over, but not enough to stop project.
- Airport food & beverage concessions are currently still out to bid
New business:
- Limited sewer connectivity on Royal Crest Drive. A waiver has been asked for.
- Request for Green Belt Park closure for a Halloween “Trunk & Treat.”
- Arts & Culture Board still has a vacancy
- California Trail Interpretive Center Advisory Board has an open position
- City needs to decide if they are going to appeal a matter that they previously petitioned to the district court about, concerning an airport tenant and tax issues, and was dismissed by the district court.
- Looking for a 2nd contract with a local vet for spay & neuter needs with LASSO.
- Two public hearings coming up on raising fees. The first, is a resolution for landfill tipping fee, and the second is for water connection fees for new development. Effective October 1st if resolution passes.
       b.) City of Carlin- No report
c.) Spring Creek Association- Jessie Bahr
-The Community Center is almost complete.                                            
- Horse Palace- contracted with LCA, still trying to figure out the understanding of the basics of fixing the building, then they will move onto planning and budgets.
- The COA rules and Member procedures are being reviewed to see what changes may need to take place in regards to current rules and member requirements/policies. Some items for discussion in upcoming meetings include:
Door to Door Solicitation
Noxious Weeds
Nuisance of dogs
Construction Site Standards
New system software
-Chip Sealing has been completed, as well as the building of new road shoulders.
-Planning- The community survey has brought about a lot of new ideas. On September 21st at 6pm there will be a results meeting, then the board will prioritize the needs of the community.
- Water issues- met with John Ellison to discuss legislative possibilities. A draft with the policy changes will be worked on in the next few months.
II.    County
a.)Elko County School District-Jeff Zander
- Remington Construction was awarded the bid for the Spring Creek HS leach field problem.
- Geothermal repair work throughout the Main City Park has been contracted with Snyder Mechanical
- 2% raise increase in staff pay in ECSD
- new schools are needed and are coming soon.
b.)Elko County-No Report
III.) Great Basin College- (Per Cathy McAdoo)
- She attended her first Board of Regents meeting and enjoyed it very much.
- Matt McCarty was appointed to the Chancellor’s Committee
- The decision on GBC and if it will become a four year school is not on the next agenda.
       IV.) Northeastern NV Regional Hospital-Bill Applegate
-The 30th Annual Health Fair is this weekend. This year the normal screenings are being done at no charge, except for PSA testing. This is due to the changing of governmental testing guidelines.
- NNRH will host their annual drive by flu clinic on October 8th and they are expecting a large turnout.
        V.) NNRDA- Pam Borda
- Currently working on a major lead that could bring in a 135 million dollar investment to the Wells area, as well as other leads that involve recruiting in Canada and Australia.
- She has twelve meetings set up for prospective companies during the Las Vegas Mine Expo.
- Will be attending the annual Economic Development Conference in Reno soon.
- Several new members including, Eureka Co., White Pine Co., City of Ely. The City of Winnemucca and Humboldt County are interested in joining the NNRDA. Because of the new memberships, they will be hiring new full time staff member.
- CDGB planning grant will be applied for.
       VI.) Elko Area Chamber-Billie Crapo
- The deadline for the seven open Board of Director’s seats is today. Elections for the open seats will start this Thursday and end on October 14th, the new members will be announced that day as well.
- BAH is on Sept. 15th and will be hosted by Greater NV Mortgage and take place at the Ledgestone Hotel
- Lunch & Learn on 9/29 is sponsored by NV State Bank. They will be providing the lunch and James Glennon CPA, with Glennon & Sandoval Co., will be talking about the importance of budgeting.
- October 3rd the Gwinn Center for Policy Priorities will partner with the Elko Chamber and host a luncheon to present the Gwinn’s Center fact sheet on the four statewide questions on Nevada’s 2016 general election ballot. The luncheon will take place at the Convention Center from noon-2pm.
    VII.) Public Comment Period
    VIII.) Adjourned at 1:07
Members in Attendance:
Gwen King                                                                               Pam Borda                                                                Curtis Calder                            
Amber Fox                                                                               Jessie Bahr                                                                Bill Applegate
Billie Crapo                                                                              David Roberts                                                           Jeff Zander
Melissa McJunkin                                                                   Cathy McAdoo                                                         Scott Tuck
Paul Gardner                                                                           Steve Mimms                                                          
Respectfully submitted by: Melissa McJunkin

​Government Affairs Committee
Of the Elko Area Chamber
August 8, 2016
Meeting was called to order by Gwen King at 12:09
Members in Attendance: Jay Duke, City of Carlin; Gwen King, Service First Insurance; Amber Fox, Nevada State Bank; Hannah Morrison, Marriott TownePlace Suites; Billie Crapo, Chamber; Paul Gardner, Elko Broadcasting; Jeff Zander, Elko County School District; Bill Applegate, Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital; Curtis Calder, City of Elko; Bailey Billington, DBA; Sharon Horn, RAM Enterprise; Matt McCarty, Marriott TownePlace Suites
Prior Minutes handed out
City of Elko-Curtis Calder
Joel Fairfield of the Elko Police Department is retiring after 10 years of service, and Fire Marshal, Josh Carson is resigning after 7 years with the Elko Fire Department.
A Master Plan for the airport is in the works, and the public is invited to attend all meetings and give input. Times will be made available to the public.
Exit 298 Water Line Project final acceptance on a change order for the project.
The Cedar Street Reconstruction Project ran into a few issues including a collapsed storm drain.  It is estimated to increase the cost by $40-$50 thousand.
Bids will be awarded for the Flagview Sidewalk Project. This includes sidewalk, curb and gutter along Ruby Vista and Flagview Drive. This is a high pedestrian area.
Through the Annual Washoe County Criminal Justice Grant, safety equipment will be purchased for the SWAT team.
The City is looking to replace 3 patrol vehicles with over 100,000 miles. Being replaced are a SUV Tahoe and 2 unmarked sedans.
The Copper Trails-Copper St Subdivision is in its final approval phase.
The City is acquiring an acre of Federal lands on 5th Street under the freeway, it will be made into a parking lot next to the soccer fields.
The VFW is in the process of trying to acquire the old Police Station.
In Public Hearings a fee increase will be discussed for the landfill and for water connection fees. The water connection fees will affect new developments.
City of Carlin-Jay Duke
They have banked around 60% of the sales tax money from the Long Canyon Project.
Pam Borda of NNRDA will be giving a presentation on the Nevada Lands Council.
Carlin Crossing Project is still in the works.
Spring Creek Association- (reported by Gwen King for Jessie Bahr)
The Community Center is moving forward and framing is almost complete.                                             Horse Palace Design Study-The RFQ’s will be presented by three firms at the July Board Meeting. From the firm selected, they will work on an agreement and move forward with an initial timeline for completion.
COA: The COA rules and Member procedures are being reviewed to see what changes may need to take place in regards to current rules and member requirements/policies. Some items for discussion in upcoming meetings include:
Feasibility of conducting pre/post inspections on SCA building permits
Door to Door Solicitation
Modular Homes
Noxious Weeds
Weed Height Limit/Larger Clearance Requirement Around Homes
Contractors Agreement and Contract
Construction Site Standard-Porta Toilets/Dumpsters
Reseeding After Construction
ATV Ticketing with Security
Dog/Cat Limit on Property
Chip Sealing will be completed in August on 32 miles of previously approved roadway.
There is an online survey available to members. This survey is another avenue for members to give their input and who have not been able to make the previous community forums or focus groups.
Elko County School District-Jeff Zander
The District has been dealing with a teacher shortage especially in Special Ed, Subs and Long Term. One hundred and five teachers are need to fill these positions. Young administrators were sent out to attend career fairs and they found this to be a successful venture. At this point they have filled 75 of the 105 positions.
Some text books that are over 17 years will be replaced this school year.
Elko County-No Report
Great Basin College- (Per Matt McCarty)
The Board of Regents meeting will be held on September 1st. The college semester starts in two weeks.
Northeastern NV Regional Hospital-Bill Applegate
The 30th Annual Health Fair will be held on Saturday, Sept 17th at 7:00am. This year the normal screenings are being done at no charge. In addition, there is going to be Children’s Bicycle Safety and NNRH is giving away free bike helmets.
Elko Area Chamber-Billie Crapo
Business After Hours is going to be on the GBC campus by the Clock Tower on August 18th. This month we focus on the non-profit and home-based member business. Elko Realty and Northern Nevada Equipment are hosting the event.
August 25th, David Gould from the Office of the Labor Commission is speaking at our Lunch and Learn held at the Chamber from 12-1:30. One of the topics he will be touching on is the changes to salary exempt over time laws. The second half of the meeting Steve Timmel, Human Resource Manager from Elko Motor is speaking on some HR topics important to businesses.
Public Comment Period
There are 100 days left until election day. A candidate forum will be held at the end of Sept or mid-October.
The Guinn Center would like to come to Elko on either Sept 12th or Oct 10th to do a presentation on:
Background Checks on Guns, Recreational Marijuana, Medical Patient Relief Act and Energy Choice. We will email you when a date is confirmed. They are also looking at doing a Public Forum for education candidates on October 3rd. Details to follow.
Adjourned at 1:07
Respectfully submitted: Billie Crapo

​Government Affairs Committee
of the Elko Area Chamber
Call to Order: Gwen King at 12:05pm
I.) City/Community-
         a.) City of Elko: Curtis Calder reported about upcoming agenda items for the 07/12/16 City Council meeting. For example, seven new staff inductions to take place, civil air patrol lease, economic development statue, public hearings for zone changes, and sales tax revenues, etc.
         b.) City of Carlin: Jay Duke reported on a few items. For example, ESCO is leaving the industrial park, they are reviewing presentation for ground field’s grant, and the city is preparing for its audit.
         c.) Spring Creek Assoc: Jessie Bahr reported on a few items. For example, upcoming board retreat, focus groups with community forums, new community center opening in November at the golf course, water issues, etc.
II.) County-
         a.) ECSD- No report
         b.) Elko County- Matt McCarty reported that the 2016 June voting primaries saw 20.19% registered      voter participation.
III.) GBC- Matt McCarty reported that the State College Plan will be brought back up in November.
IV.) NNRH- Bill Applegate reported that three new ob/gyn doctors will be coming to Elko in October and new services are coming soon!
V.) NNRDA- Pam Borda reported on a few items. For example, Project Diamond Star, Nevada Land’s Council, Government’s Office of Economic Development, and the joining of Eureka & White Pine counties to the NNRDA, etc.
VI.) Elko Area Chamber- Melissa McJunkin reported on behalf of Billie Crapo on a few items. For example, BAH at Cunningham Carpets on 07/21 at 5:30-7pm, and the Sherman Dinner & Auction will be taking place on July 30th at 6pm cocktails and 7pm dinner. Tickets are $50.
VII.) Public Comment Period
Meeting Adjourned at 1:14pm
Members in Attendance:
Jay Duke
Pam Borda
Gwen King
Bill Applegate
Laura Oslund
Jessie Bahr
Curtis Calder
Dave Roberts
Bailey Billington
Sharon Horn
Matt McCarty
Melissa McJunkin
Respectively Submitted by: Melissa McJunkin

​Government Affairs Committee
of the Elko Area Chamber
Call to Order: Matt McCarty at 12:10pm
City of Elko: No report, but it was mentioned that elections are tomorrow.
City of Carlin: Jay Duke reported that Carlin had a mayor change. The new mayor is Dana Holbrook. Carlin Springs has had no activity with Mr. Hose, but he will be coming to Carlin. The bond issue is still alive, but not moving.
Spring Creek Assoc: No report, but it was mentioned that they had one meeting already and one more is coming up concerning the recreation areas. There will also be a Homeowner’s BBQ at noon and a meeting at 1pm on 6/18/16. On Tuesday, 6/21/16 will be the next SCA forum.
ECSD: School’s out for summer!
Elko County:
-Rob Stokes reported that elections are taking place tomorrow. Carol Fosmo had reported that there was approximately 1500 early voters and her feeling was that it was a low turnout thus far. The parts of the county that are not ballot locations, but are only mail in, have not yet been counted. Therefore, they are unsure of those numbers.
-On 6/20/16 at 1:30 MST there will be a County Commissioners meeting in West Wendover.
-On 6/15/16 at 10am MST there will be a “Two cities-One Community” event at the ball fields. This event encourages teenagers to not drink alcohol etc.
-The Elko City Librarian, Janette Hammond, will be retiring and she will be receiving a plaque of appreciation. The library board will be hiring the new librarian and they are very early in that process. 
Great Basin College:
-Matt McCarty reported about the Board of Regents meeting that took place concerning trying to change GBC’s status from a two year college to a four year college. Any decisions concerning the matter have yet to place and three of the Regents do not feel like they have enough info on the matter.
-GBC commencement had record high numbers.
NNRH: No report
NNRDA: No report
-Billie Crapo reported that BAH will take place on 6/16/16 at Paradise Spas who will be teaming up with the Salvation Army in an effort to “Fill the Tub.” They are trying to replenish their food pantry. Also, Office Max will be there to sign up members for their chamber to chamber discounts. On 6/24/16 we will be having our annual Beer Festival with 45 beers to sample, dinner, live music, and a corn hole tournament.
-Matt McCarty reported that the Commerce Tax training went well and that there is a link on the Chamber website with tax info.
Public Comment Period:
-Cathy McAdoo is having a retirement party at the museum on July 7th with an open house from 3-5pm.
-Boy Scouts of America is having a one club golf tournament at Ruby View Golf course on 9/10/16. They are also having a trail run at road’s end in Lamoille Canyon up to Liberty Lake.
Meeting adjourned: 12:50pm
Members in Attendance:
Billie Crapo
Gwen King
Matt McCarty
Rob Stokes
Jay Duke
Bailey Billington
Melissa McJunkin
Respectively submitted by Melissa McJunkin 

​Government Affairs Committee
Of the
Elko Area Chamber
May 9, 2016
Meeting was called to order by Matt McCarty at 12:13.
Attending: ~Pam Borda, NNRDA; Billie Crapo, Chamber; Paula Olsen, Galaxy Hospitality Group; Hannah Morrison, Hilton; Gwen King, Service First Insurance; Stacey DeFord, Chamber; Matt McCarty, Marriott TownePlace Suites; Delmo Andreozzi, Elko County; Jeff Zander, ECSD; Shawn Odell, Eagle Home Mortgage; Rob Stokes, Elko County; David Roberts, Frontier Communications; Scott Wilkinson, City of Elko
Prior Minutes handed out



City of Elko~~ Scott Wilkinson~~ City of Elko is in their budget cycle still and they have proposed fee increases.
One will be a proposal of a 10% increase in the CONNECTING water fee across board without focusing on certain areas. This would not impact current accounts only NEW CONNECTIONS.Another is the solid waste fees. They are currently done on a tonnage basis. The fees would be raised from $31 to $34 per ton.There is a possible code change under Title 5- Public safety/ Law Enforcement concerning domestic animals.They are proposing a change in hours for Angel park. They have had some complaints lately due to noise too late in the evening. The current close time of the park is Midnight. The changing close hours would go to 8 or 9 pm depending on time of year.
City of Carlin~~ No Report
Spring Creek Association~~Gwen King~~ They have meetings coming up in in the next couple months in regards to the community planning, issues and concerns. The first meeting on May 24th is at 6:00pm in the multi-purpose room located inside Spring Creek Elementary. This meeting will be a Community forum regarding a general discussion of issues, plan development and address questions and concerns. Another meeting for June 21st is also planned, also at 6:00pm in the multi-purpose room of Spring Creek Elementary. This meeting will include small sessions on specific topics such as Youth/Family/Adult, Golf Course, Horse Palace, Policy Changes, Sports/Recreation and Facilities/Infrastructure.

Elko County School District~~ Jeff Zander~~ There are 3 items on the agenda for the next meeting of the ECSD.
They are looking to award the Jackpot School money for the HVAC system. The low bid was Charles Chester for $1.7 mil. The budgeted amount was $1.3 mil so they will be discussing the difference in bid and budget.There is a fresh produce program in Wells called, the Meat Lab. The state has said will invest $107,000 towards the $349,00 proposed low bid. They will need to discuss the difference of $178,00 that will need approval to move forward for the updates that the program needs. The students that participate receive certificates of completion that assist them in attaining positions just out of High School that normally require at least an Associates Degree to get.There is a request for funding to do an annual fire extinguisher testing/replacement in the schools.
Elko County~~ Rob Stokes~~ Just FYI, Elko County does not control the ECSD. They do however receive complaints from time to time. They are separate entities if anyone asks. The Commission met last week and their next meeting is May 18th.
The Resolution of support for GBC to be slated as a state college was attained during this meeting. There was unanimous support from Commission.There has been approval in changing the order of a couple road projects that include South Fork and Last Chance Rd. South Fork was scheduled to be finished this year but has run into permitting issues that can’t be fixed quickly. The decision was made to swap the two projects and take care of the Last Chance road project. This project is for first 1 mile of that road beyond City limits. They can attain engineering and bid in a timely manner so the project could be completed within 2016. The Last Chance project will cost about $1.2 mil.There is a Budget hearing on May 18th for the final budget. It is a flat budget with $6mil dollars in requests on be able to be approved and only about $.5mil will be finalized. AB191 regards Fuel Tax Indexing. All counties in NV except Clark and Washoe are required to put AB191 on their ballots. This is an Annual Index that would be added based upon producer price indexing. The concern with current wording is that it is very confusing. The commission is working to have a clear ballot question at the May 18th meeting. Elko County Clerk, Carol Fosmo, will have people on hand to explain the pros and cons for the issue. They want it to be clear that all NV counties are required by legislature to put this on the ballot it is not from the Elko County Commission.They have spent a lot of time on developer requests with the Big W/Ruby Vista project in Spring Creek. This project would bring in 3900 houses to the Spring Creek Area. They have asked the county to assist with infrastructure costs of about $3.5 mil. Bank loans are not being freely given for these types of projects and they are hoping if the county ties their name to it the funds would be more likely given as a governmental agency is a part of the project.To assist in project requests in the future, they are going to make a policy to deal with this type of discussion. June 10th is a workshop with NNRDA where they will learn more specifics regarding this issue and what it would entail.

 Great Basin College~~ Matt McCarty(unofficial report)~~ Chancellor Klaich seems supportive of GBC becoming a State College. The Board of Regents is calling a special meeting to discuss questionable conduct in 2011-12 and again last year. There is no way of knowing if he leaves that position if it will cause issue with the GBC State classification. Graduation is May 21st.
Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital~~ No Report
NNRDA~~ Pam Borda~~
On June 10th there will be a ½ day workshop in morning. This workshop will be Economic Development Tools that are available to local government and also local/private partnerships. It was felt this presentation was needed for people that were not able to attend the first summit. Invites will come from Pam as soon as she has confirmation of time. City/county officials will be invited to attend.NNRDA also wrote a letter of support for GBC becoming a State College. The designation would be economic development friendly for Elko County.Pam has been asked by GOED to take on 2 other counties, Eureka and White Pine. Her position on the request up to this point has been to not take on any more duties as she doesn’t have enough time or resources to do the job efficiently. She feels that GOED will be willing to take on that extra expenditure. She is not sure at this point if they will make the SBD person, Mary Gilbertson, full time or how the funds would be used.  NNRDA would include Elko, Eureka, Lander and White Pine Counties.There are grant opportunities available for a major economic development strategy they are looking into. The current plan is 4 years old and needs to be updated. They would have to have the funding to do the plan as it is expensive and extensive. Nevada Lands Council will be on the agenda for GAC next month. 
Elko Area Chamber~~ BAH for May is on 19th at A+ Total Care. They will be presenting HDI to the community as they will be located inside their facility. They are an independent Radiology Facility that is new to Elko. Home Show was very good even with some less than desirable weather Sunday. We had 90+ vendors in attendance.
Public Comment Period: The Candidate forums are set for May 25th and 26th. The County Commission Forum will include the 3 candidates that are running for one open position. This will be held Wednesday, May 25th at 6:00 pm in the Turquoise room of the Convention Center. Submittal of questions need to be received the week prior. The Elko Daily Free Press will be hosting a Meet and Greet on May 25th before the Commissioner Forum for all candidates. The newly created Justice of the Peace for District 2 forum will be May 26th at 6:00 pm also in the Turquoise Room at the Convention Center. There are 6 candidates for newly created position. Only 5 of the 6 plan to be in attendance. Also on May 25th is the Nevada Department of Taxation Informational Meeting. All businesses are required to fill out the new tax forms regardless of it they hit the $4 mil threshold or not. The meeting is planned to take about 1 ½ hr. We are hoping to move the slated time to 4:00 pm as the meetings are on the same day and both at the Convention Center. This will make it where people can attend both meetings. The forms are Due Aug 15 so it would be very beneficial for anyone needing assistance with the new form. The State Taxation Department will do an intermediate class that will include information for Businesses that are under the threshold of the $4mil and also for those that are over.Matt stated; Our current meetings for GAC are once a month, are they working? Do we need to do twice a month? General consensus of the committee members in attendance was that once a month is working well.
Voting issues within GAC~~ Are we doing OK? Does the way we currently handle votes during GAC work for everyone?
The Legislative session coming up quick. Matt would like to find a committee member to take over this process so he is able to step back a bit. It will be a matter of someone stepping up to organize the process and to be responsible of dividing up the bills for processing by the committee members.
We will be discussing both of these topics more at the June GAC meeting and Stacey will send a reminder that we plan to discuss this.
PACE is sponsoring a workshop with Joe McGuire tomorrow, May 10th on Marijuana in the Workplace. It will be held at the County Library from 11-2. Please RSVP to
Commerce Tax was heard by the Supreme Court and we are hoping for a decision soon as to the validity of the Ballot Question.
Frontier will be adding in another 20 gigs. They have raised from 5 gigs - 40 gigs in last couple of years. Due to their delayed budget they are just finding out they will have some money to play with. There will be $1.4 mil available for engineering in the Elko Area.

Adjourn: 1:22 p.m.
Respectfully submitted: S. DeFord