Chamber Staff
Billie Crapo

Billie Crapo has worked at the Chamber of Commerce since 2006. She started off as the Membership Director, but eventually made her way to CEO. The Events & Sales position has enabled Billie to show off her talents for event planning and “throwing really great parties!" Billie also helps Chamber businesses by finding the best advertising for them, helping them plan their events, and maximizing Chamber benefits. Billie grew up in Kellogg, Idaho and moved to Elko in 1995. She considers Elko her home and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. With her vast knowledge of Elko, and employment at the Chamber of Commerce since 2006, she is able to help connect members with other members and find resources within our community at ease. Billie also sits on the Board of Directors for Friends for Life, where she experiences a rewarding opportunity to help people who are going through hard times in their lives. When she’s not working, Billie can be found curled up with a good book or spending time with family and friends. Now that she is the CEO she will be leading the Chamber forward on many new projects.

Emily Anderson
Marketing & Program Coordinator

Emily Anderson grew up in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and has lived all over the state ever since. Emily enjoys her job at the Chamber and working with new and existing community members. Having grown up in a small town, she understands the importance of a community bond and support. She loves coordinating exciting and successful events for local business and community recreation. Emily’s biggest passion is theatre and the arts! When she is not working, you can find her directing, acting, costuming, building, and/or teaching performance art. She is the Executive Director of a local non-profit theatre company that puts on a variety of shows and events. Arts education and exposure is an intricate part of any community’s culture, and she is happy to be a part of Elko’s expanding art community. Emily has received state and national awards for her work with performance arts education. She is excited to get to work closely with Elko’s community members and help them with their business’ success. 

​Meghan Hendrickson
Membership Support Coordinator

Meghan Hendrickson was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle and made her journey out west in 2010.  She holds a degree in Public Relations from Texas Tech University, where she took a variety of classes that revealed her passion for working towards the well-being of communities. Meghan is proud to call Elko, Nevada, home, and has found excitement in the opportunity to work with businesses and individuals in her Chamber Membership position.  When she is not busy working towards economic well-being, she can be found participating in Elko’s theatrical projects and performances. In fact, she is the Chief Business Officer of a local non-profit theatre company that puts on a variety of shows and events. Meghan believes that                                            participation in the arts plays a pivotal role in any community, particularly in expression, creativity and cultural progress. She                                          is only too happy to use these skills in addressing the needs of existing and new members of the Elko Area Chamber. She is                                                  excited to contribute and assist with local area needs and projects.
Ashlyn Notestine
Member Services/Visitor Center Coordinator

Ashlyn Notestine is an Elko native. After high school she moved to Boise, Idaho and attended Boise State University for two years. She has recently moved back to Elko and is looking forward to being a part of a small, intimate community again. As an employee of the Chamber, Ashlyn is excited to be directly involved in community events and networks. With extensive customer service experience she is happy to help with any questions or concerns our members and visitors may have. When Ashlyn isn’t working, she is spending time with her friends and families or enjoying live music.